Are you zealous about knives, multi-tools or tactical gear and also have a gift for analysis/busniness intelligence? SOG Specialty Knives & Tools is a preeminent maker of high quality, purpose driven knives, tools and gear with a legacy in tactical-focused products. We started with a reproduction of Vietnam-era special forces Bowie knife and are focused on being the number one situation-ready brand for professionals, everyday users and outdoor adventurers. SOG is seeking a data-fluent analyst who can use their skills to help grow our business in all our product categories. 

General Description:

The SOG Sales Analyst/Ops Specialist is an integral part of the SOG sales team and uses superior data manipulation and presentation skills to support SOG account managers as part of their sales activities. This position creates analyses on request and of their own volition to effectively identify areas of strength and weakness in the SOG sales landscape. This position reviews, consolidates and interprets industry data for distribution to relevant departments and staff. Works with account managers to build custom sales analysis reports for house and key accounts.

This position will be responsible for supporting the sales team, upper management, and clients by maintaining sales reports, presentations, daily communication, contracts, and programs. Ensuring client satisfaction and some administrative functions are required to maintain company plans and sales targets.

Additionally, this position provides sales operational support to the sales team, managing or assisting in trade show preparation, trade show presence, and other events as required.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Handle sales and administrative reports and confidential documents and agreements.
  • Using trend analysis of sell-in/sell-through and other sources to build selling forecasts on a monthly basis
  • Forecast, monitor, and report monthly sales by account and channel; actively participate in monthly SIOP meetings; and recommend appropriate corrective actions when needed.
  • Create a process to analyze and identify sales demands and trends by channel and market
  • Monthly rep and other sales reporting, co-op tracking
  • As needed, event coordination, planning, organizing, samples, and shipping product and materials.
  • Maintain accurate item information in online vendor portals. 
  • Observe, supervise and prepare proposals, agreements, sales reports, and presentations based on sales analysis.
  • Maintain and update datasets regularly.
  • Manage Catalog and sample mailings to rep & manage catalog mailing to accounts
  • Participate in continuous improvement of various monitoring, measurement and reporting metric systems
  • Carry out other duties, responsibilities, and projects as may be assigned, in an effective manner

Perform all duties while practicing and modeling SOG’s Core Values, which define how we work together and conduct ourselves both in our business and in the marketplace. At SOG, we: 


  • Commit to thriving. Embrace a culture of continuous improvement that supports learning, creates opportunity, and builds community.
  • Get out there! Learn about the issues first-hand from those closest to the work and product – employees and customers alike. 
  • Trust Your People. Invite participation, delegate responsibly, push decisions down.
  • Seek first to understand. Deeply listen to people and appreciate their perspectives.
  • Build relationship through communication. Communicate with transparency (open about truth), honesty (truth), & directness (tell it to me straight) while also creating a safe and supportive environment.
  • See people’s passion and hard work. Notice all that people are doing and share genuine appreciation and recognition of people’s passion, efforts, ideas, and failures. 

Interested candidates should email cover letter and résumé to: [email protected]