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For 2019, ZAC anticipates hiring 5-6 new staff members for this position.

Application Deadline: January 27, 2019 for positions starting February 10th or February 24th, 2019.

We are currently accepting applications for 2019 positions.


Southwest Utah is a North American mecca of canyoneering, rock climbing, and mountain biking, and ZAC guides introduce these exciting sports to aspiring adventurers from all over the world. However, introducing new sports and terrain to clients is a minor part of any guided event. Relationship building is the primary responsibility of a ZAC guide. We focus on helping our clients develop strong relationships with their environment, our curriculum, objective and subjective risk, and Zion Adventure Company’s mission.

The first and most important quality we look for in our guide staff is a highly-developed sense of self-worth (self-esteem), embodied in a gregarious, loving, humble personality. Teaching ability and communication skills are the next most important qualities in a ZAC guide. We seek not just canyoneers, climbers, or bikers with long and impressive resumes, but rather impassioned teachers who love exploring the natural and human experiences of our desert environments. ZAC guides deliver trips in a way that helps clients:

- Learn about themselves as humans, interacting with their fears, hopes, and passions
- Learn how to solve problems as an authenticated explorer
- Understand the value and poignancy of learning through experience
- Take greater responsibility for themselves and the outcome of any given moment
- See that the client, him or herself, is a defining character in the unfolding story of their life


  1. Age Requirements: Minimum of 23 years of age by February 24th
  2. Minimum Required Certifications: Current Wilderness First Responder, Taxi Endorsement for Driver’s License (requires a written test at DMV).  These can sometimes be coordinated to acquire after your start date if it is not possible to get prior.
  3. Desired Certifications: AMGA SPI or Rock Guide, PCGI single pitch, ACGA Canyon Leader or Canyon Guide, or equivalent experience
  4. Desired Skills & Experiences: 
    1. 2-3 years independent teaching, training, or leading in any venue (not necessarily technical in the outdoors)
    2. Comfortable with ropework
      1. Can lead 5.10 sport or higher in single pitch terrain
      2. Working knowledge of rappel skills, rescue skills, and mechanical advantage system
    3. Experience riding technical mountain bike terrain
    4. Competency with map reading
    5. Knowledgeable in basic physics and geology concepts
    6. Confident and precise in speech; uninhibited in group settings
    7. Applicants should be physically fit, with strong hiking ability
    8. Experience leading others in challenging terrain
    9. Able to demonstrate solid teaching skills
    10. Able to learn quickly 
  5. Some familiarity preferred with the canyons and climbing of southwestern Utah and the Zion National Park area, and/or other canyon and climbing areas around the country/world.
  6. Season: Beginning February 10th or 24th, ending October 31st or November 3rd
  7. Schedule: Guiding (5 days/week) in the field dependent on client needs
  8. Year-Round Work: There is year-round guiding available for a few staff members. Guides who have stayed throughout the winter months (slower season) have found work through completing projects around the shop



      • Complete initial and ongoing training in the ZAC guide development program
      • Progress to leading your own trips by May 24, or sooner if possible
      • Facilitate half- and full-day canyoneering, rock climbing, mountain biking, road biking, and hiking trips and courses. The breakdown of our trips is approximately as follows: 80% canyoneering; 9% climbing; 7% hiking; 4% biking
      • Create a safe, fun, and educational atmosphere
      • Build, evaluate, and manage a wide variety of anchor and rope systems
      • Teach students basic to advanced technical skills and techniques
      • Empower students to become self-guided canyoneers and outdoors people
      • Wash, repair, and maintain canyon and climbing equipment
      • Build an impressive knowledge base of the roads, hikes, canyons, and hidden secrets of Zion National Park and the surrounding area on personal time



      • Opportunity to design days for optimal success based on the desires and needs of the clients
      • A truly astounding clientele, from all ages, places, and walks of life
      • Train and work with expert field instructors
      • Live within the towering walls of Zion National Park
      • Pro-purchase opportunities from many outdoor equipment manufacturers
      • Work with an incredible team connected individuals dedicated to a high quality of life for themselves and our guests. We want the same for you. Unlike cubicle neighbors, we get to know each other. Our staff want each other to be great, to pursue excellence in all we do, to support each other, be supported and deliver a high level of performance every day
      • Free tuition for all ZAC trips and courses
      • Free use of many company gear items for personal recreation days

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