This is a newly created position for Next Adventure.  In this role, you will contribute to Next Adventure’s success by leading and coordinating all of Next Adventure’s marketing and outreach efforts.  You will oversee and coordinate all events and community engagement, while collaborating with retail, non-profit, education and conservation/recreation partners.  You will be responsible for connecting our marketing efforts with our commitment to inclusion and to our environmental and social responsibilities. You will work collaboratively on the company’s Outdoor Education to insure it is relevant to the community and goal achieving for the company.  As Marketing Coordinator, you will be engaged in outward-facing advertising, inward-facing marketing and messaging to our staff, and collaborative messaging in our industry. Some additional responsibilities include: primary regional budget management, local and regional marketing/advertising implementation, contract negotiations and partnerships, program assortment and planning, program assessment and reporting, program operations, regional expansion management, and coordination of local public relations efforts.


Job Duties

Retail sales drive our economic engine. All job duties of the marketing manager are intended to drive sales either directly or indirectly.


        Create and implement clear and consistent company-wide messaging for all marketing efforts, outreach, programs, events, and so on.

        Develop and implement clear marketing strategies around the following:

        MAAP Windows/Policies

        Specific product promotions

        Print, radio, television, ads

        Social media

        Public events and clinics

        Other campaigns that match the Company’s values and goals

        Create Omni Channel campaigns to promote products, events, programs and outreach efforts.

        Work to match marketing to the customer in-store experience and vice versa.

        Collect feedback and evaluate ROI on programs to improve future plans.

        ROI on media buys, print advertising, social media.

        Ensures our company is compliant with all legal, ethical and equitable requirements in our marketing initiatives.

        Establish and monitor a clear matrix for measuring success in all marketing initiatives.

        Ensures operational consistency with our other market programs.

        Develop and manage CO-OP marketing budgets and vendor marketing initiatives.

        Continuous research on the market trends and opportunities.


        Coordinate all marketing efforts through clear communication and collaboration.

        Manage a comprehensive marketing calendar that includes all forms of marketing and outreach.

        Coordinate scheduling and execution of Outdoor Programs and Outreach Market Plan. 

        Work with graphics team in production of local marketing materials to promote programs.

        Manage marketing team to ensure quality results and meet deadlines for deliverables and budget goals.

        Assist in managing all aspects of budgeting and program planning (assortment, schedule, pricing) for the marketing initiatives.

        Negotiate terms of relationships and ensure compliance with contracts, permits, sponsorships, and agreements, etc.

        Collaborate with partner vendors on local social media opportunities.

        Manage media buys and production schedules.


        Develop, coordinate and market social responsibility initiatives.

        Assist in development of Outdoor Programs and Outreach Market Plan in alignment with strategic plan.

        Develop and cultivate relationships with local non-profits, clubs, and organizations in alignment with achieving strategic objectives.

        Build local market participation and business through an active partnership with the community.

        Be responsible for operational requirements of community partnerships and programs.

        Collaborate with public affairs on the funding/grants programs and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

        Archive community service and company social responsibility efforts.

        Represent the company in meetings with the City and State Governments.

        Work with content manager to execute social media outreach strategy.


        Create and maintain industry marketing materials for presentation to vendor partners and potential corporate partners.

        Manage earned media efforts.  Write press releases and pitch news stories.

        Build content for purchased media - radio, television, etc.



        Build positive and beneficial relationships with store teams to ensure support of Outdoor Programs, marketing initiatives and Outreach Programs.

        Work with Department Buyers to achieve product and sales goals.

        Provide coaching, direction, training and leadership support to employees in order to achieve department, company and customer results.

        Collaborate with store management teams and retail leadership to ensure programs meet customer needs and are integrated into the retail stores.



        College degree in Marketing or equivalent.

        3+ years’ experience in coordinating outdoor and community engagement programs (outdoor education, volunteer events, outdoor recreational events and activities).

        Experience working with diverse and underserved communities.

        Knowledge of Portland/Willamette Valley markets.

        Demonstrated network of individuals and organizations in the outdoor recreation industry and conservation communities.

        3+ years’ experience in event production/execution.

        1+ year experience in business-focused social media program execution.

        1+ year experience in managing budgets.

        Passion for preserving and recreating in the outdoors.

        Strong identification with Next Adventure’s customer service philosophy; ability to effectively resolve difficult customer issues.

        Excellent written and verbal communication skill.

        Familiarity with media buying and scheduling.

        Highly creative and able to work in a very dynamic environment.

        Has a portfolio of creative work available to share as part of the interview process. 

        Experience writing press releases and earned media - be prepared to share samples of your work in the interview process.

        Mid-advanced level PC skills: Word, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint, Publisher, Adobe Applications.