Papa Wheelie’s Bicycles is seeking a hardworking, honest, friendly and experienced bicycle mechanic. The starting wage will be $15.00 per hour at 40 hours per week, plus some overtime (potential for much more for the individual who shows themselves worthy). We will consider paying some relocation costs for the qualified individual. If you wish to apply, please only do so if you are able to affirm that you have the necessary qualifications as listed below.


1.       6+ years bicycle mechanic experience in a bike shop (must be able to verify)

2.       6+ years retail sales experience

3.       Basic computer skills including ability to work your way through minor technical glitches

4.       Able to multitask

5.       Love to work with people of all races, social statuses, etc.

6.       Ready and willing to learn

7.       Able to accept criticism and learn from it 

For those qualified and interested, please send your resume to Please include no less than 3 references including telephone numbers. Please be sure at least one of those references is from someone in the bicycle industry, and if you can provide several that are in the bicycle industry, even better.