We are seeking a full time Embroidery Production Manager.  Below is the duties outlined for this position.


o   Maintain a production schedule & processing of orders as required by due dates

o   Maintain folders on each design with detailed information as to thread colors used on various colors of garments, hooping location, fonts & size of text used for names, emb fees charged, etc

o   Train & Implement more efficient procedures & look for new products to improve our embroidery processes & quality of embroidery

o   At the end of each day, check to see what orders were finished, what new orders came in, any rush orders received & plan the production schedule for the next day.

·         PRODUCTION

o   Staging - remove all plastic bags, clips, tissue paper etc from garments, sort by size & colors & lay out on table to be ready for hooping

o   Provide design/emb machine production sheets for thread color sequences to be entered into emb machine

o   Set up for production of names, flight patches, guidons, etc.

§ For maximum efficiency, orders should be reviewed & prepared ahead of time so when machine is finished running the current order, the next order has been prepared & is ready to start.

o   Running of specialty products/orders on emb machines

§ Flight patches, names for backs of hats, names on garments, pennants ordered, function badges, etc

§ Isabel handles: Name tapes, helmet bands, etc.



o   Quality control/inspection of items prior to packing

o   Remove excess  backing & stray threads from garments after embroidery completed

o   Fold & pack embroidered items by size & arrange in an organized manner to increase the perceived value to the customer

o   Provide sew outs for customer approvals



o   Provide stitch count quotes

o   Advise on embroidery fees based on quantities ordered

o   Checking orders for all necessary information needed-if missing information, check with sales person for missing information needed



o   General maintenance on emb machines (daily oiling & cleaning)

o   Schedule repairs on emb machines with technician when needed (Ken Evans)


o   Email digitizing company detailed instructions for new designs

o   Receiving of embroidery products & supplies to fill orders –verify that quantities, colors, sizes, styles, etc. match what is listed on the orders