Business Unusual. As an outdoor company dedicated to enhancing and inspiring exploration for adventurers and their human companions, we do things a little differently. We believe success goes beyond making great products. Our privately held company mindfully reinvests its profits back into our business to create a sustainable, nimble organization. Our adventurous and curious team is empowered to take calculated risks that promote product innovation, strengthen customer relationships and reduce our impact on the planet. Ruffwear partners with grassroots organizations and initiatives like The Conservation Alliance, working together to protect and restore the wildlands and waterways where canines and humans connect and thrive. What started as a one-man endeavor in 1994 is now a globally recognized leader in the outdoor industry, and our culture has been recognized by Outside Magazine as one of its 100 Best Places to Work. Based in Bend, Oregon, our warm and collaborative atmosphere at Ruffwear invites the sharing of ideas through respectful, stimulating dialogue and enthusiastic support for the implementation of new initiatives. Our faithful pack is intrepid enough to climb a mountain, but prudent and canny enough to backtrack if the route doesn’t feel right, and resourceful enough to blaze a new trail to the summit. We are looking for a seasoned product design leader who has an explorer mindset to guide our design team and product development with a sense of adventure and enthusiasm.


You are:

=         Ready for a collaborative role that fully utilizes your extensive design leadership experience to fulfill your passion for helping people play outdoors.

=         An influential mentor who supports the people on your team with encouragement, honesty and positivity.

=         An expert on all facets of the design process who has a well-earned reputation for providing consistent observations of, and suggestions for, improving the flow of a design department.

=         Passionate about the conscientious design of products that truly solve a problem and support sustainability.

=         A gifted communicator who conveys concepts and feedback with enthusiasm and clarity to a wide range of stakeholders including the team you lead, other company leaders and collaborators in other departments.

=         A champion of the design process and have a real-world understanding of Design for Manufacturing (DFM).

=         Collaborative and solution-oriented, and enjoy working with other teams to identify opportunities to improve quality, efficiency and customer service.

=         Organized and adept at tracking multiple projects simultaneously to ensure they meet (or exceed) quality standards, are on-time and within budget.

=         A valuable member of the design teams you’ve led who respect your deep experience and count on your ability to be a thoughtful and courteous sounding board.

=         An analytical leader with a reputation for not only identifying opportunities for improvement but implementing them smoothly and efficiently.

=         Adaptable and enjoy working with diverse personalities in an ever-shifting, fast-paced and collaborative environment.


Fast-forward one year from today: 

=         The people on your team are dedicated and inspired due to your leadership, and the creative, energetic hum of the design department is felt and appreciated companywide.

=         You have intimate knowledge of each of the projects your talented and agile team of designers are working on so you can offer them support while you monitor their progress.

=         Our design process is improved and consistently being finely tuned because of your deep knowledge, careful evaluation and the honest feedback you provide to improve efficiency, performance and innovation.

=         Your collaboration with our product commercialization team has helped us maintain the excellent quality our brand is known for.

=         You work well with our international teams because of your sensitivity, poise and gift for navigating and embracing cultural differences.

=         The entire design team feels inspired and supported by you, and know they can count on you for respectful, open-minded feedback.

=         People leave the product development meetings you facilitate feeling motivated and inspired.

=         You are skilled at interpreting the design ethos our company was founded upon and listen to the stories of others to inform our designs for high-quality, performance dog gear.

=         You have earned trust and respect companywide for your honest character and dedication to Ruffwear’s philosophy and core values.

=         You love arriving at our newly-remodeled, energetic workspace every day to lead your team of talented designers and collaborate with people in other departments.

=         You have fully embraced the Ruffwear culture and appreciate working and playing with your pack.


Are you ready for your dream product design role with one of Outside Magazine’s Top 100 Best Places to work in Bend, Oregon? You have:

=         10+ years of professional experience managing a successful design team.

=         A passion for the outdoors and an answer to #mydogismy.

=         Contributed through various roles within a design department and have a deep understanding of the complete process necessary to create a diverse product line.

=         Proven experience mentoring designers and others who contribute to innovative product development.

=         Strong project management skills and a reputation for delivering high-quality work on time and on budget.

=         A high EQ and a reputation for engaging others through your gift for communication.

=         Practical knowledge of CAD software including Illustrator, Fusion 360 and Photoshop.

=         Experience with rapid prototyping including soft goods construction and 3D printing.

=         A Bachelor’s Degree; a degree in design or engineering is a plus.

=         A respectful, ethical and reliable character.

=         The ability to work full-time in Ruffwear’s Bend, Oregon, design studio and to travel domestically and internationally up to 25% of the time.


Make it yours:

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